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Top 10 Misconceptions Associated with Hearing Loss
July 1, 2017

Hearing loss, along with most things, have a lot of misconceptions associated with them. These misconceptions prevent a lot of people from getting the help they require. Let’s take a moment to clear up some of those.

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An Old Problem?
June 1, 2017

Close your eyes for a second and picture someone wearing hearing aids. What else is in the picture? Perhaps a wheelchair, cane or are they on oxygen? It is true that there are many senior citizens who wear hearing aids but the majority of them wore hearing aids or should have worn hearing aids much earlier. The public perception of the demographic who requires help with their hearing is unfairly skewed to be more senior. Let’s look at why.

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Cognitive Decline Associated With Hearing Loss
May 1, 2017

With hearing loss a lot of focus has typically been placed on quality of life relating to social environments. Hearing loss is lonely. We usually treat the isolation that a person feels. Now there is new research which has just come out that validates previous findings which connect untreated hearing loss with early onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but also indisputably proves the importance of proper use of hearing aids.

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Cerumen Management
April 1, 2017

People come to me regularly to address their problems with earwax. Every day it seems I’m seeing someone who has tried to deal with their own wax and have created a problem in doing so. Mismanagement of earwax, or cerumen, can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, balance problems, chronic itchy ears, ear infections and so much more. In the majority of cases these issues are caused when there was no need to do anything in the first place.

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Key To Success
March 1, 2016

I hear the same thing every day, a patient who is actually happy with their hearing aid telling me about a neighbor/friend or family member who isn’t happy with theirs. The common connection is that these other people go to clinics that do not offer the time, education or understanding that is imperative for success.

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Hearing Aids 101
February 1, 2017

Let’s be honest, hearing aids don’t have a very positive reputation. Everyone is familiar with the stories. “They hurt my ears and all I hear is the noise”. If this is what people experience then why do we take that apprehensive plunge into frigid water and purchase them? The answer is quite simple; we hope that our experience will be different from the experiences of others and it can be with some understanding.

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