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We live in a wonderful province here in Ontario because the prices for hearing aids are controlled. Unlike other provinces, hearing aids are fit at cost from the manufacturer without any markup. The fees charged by all clinics within Ontario are restricted through the fee guide which is set between the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Health. What that means to the end user is they should pay essentially the same price for hearing aid “A” at clinic A as they would pay for hearing aid “A” at clinic B. This is important to note because when people are price shopping they need to be comparing “A” with “A” not “A” with “R”.

Because the prices are controlled through the association, some clinics like to recommend lower priced hearing aids that aren’t as appropriate for a person’s need so their price comes in lower. The important thing to find out when price shopping is the breakdown of what fees are being charged for what in order to accurately assess.

The overall range for hearing aids spreads from $430 for the cost of one hearing aid up to a total of $3666 on the high end for one device. It’s important to note that everyone’s requirements are unique and we treat each patient individually for their own needs. There is no way for us to provide an accurate estimate without performing an assessment, and beware of anyone who does because it won’t be specific to your requirements.

There are various government and community programs available that you may qualify for so it’s important to ask!