Doctor Office Anxiety

Written by John Thistle BC-HIS

Newcastle Hearing Solutions

118 King Ave. E. Newcastle

As someone who is Hard of Hearing (HoH), there are certain anxieties that are experienced. I recently had one of these all too familiar scenarios while I was waiting at my doctor’s office. Most of us know the experience – you sit around with a bunch of strangers like cattle, waiting for your name to be called from any one of a myriad of directions. I prefer someone with me as a security blanket for this situation so there are extra ears to help. Unfortunately, this day I was alone. There is a fear amongst us HoH’s that we’ll miss our name and will spend many hours after closing, waiting away in the darkness still listening for our name. If you watch closely you can spot us. We’re the ones who turn to face the opening door to give every extra bit of help.

While I waited, one of the doors opened and a very friendly nurse yelled out for Robert. She called for him a second time, but there was no Robert. She closed the door and returned in a couple minutes, with just a hint of impatience beginning in her voice and yelled once more for Robert. There was an elderly gentleman sitting across from me who hadn’t reacted to her voice. I asked if he was Robert and he responded with affirmation. He appreciated the prompt.

Robert, like so many was not wearing any hearing aids (I looked). Although the anxiety of the situation was very real for me, I was not only able to hear my name being called, but also able to help another HoH in need. The feelings we experience are still alive within each of us, but our experiences are greatly improved while wearing hearing aids. Please, if you’re having anxiety waiting for your name to be called, book a hearing test.