Earwax Removal

Earwax is a completely natural secretion which helps to keep the ears clean and clear from debris and foreign objects. It also acts as a bug repellant! Wax typically isn’t a problem that needs to be dealt with until you interfere with its normal migratory pattern through the use of hearing aids, ear plugs or objects such as a cotton swab (or Q-tip), keys or crochet hook. When we interfere with our ears it can cause the wax to become impacted and pushed deeper into the ear. When this happens it requires intervention to be removed. People will commonly go to their doctor’s office to have their ears “flushed out” with water. Not everyone can have their ears syringed like that because of various conditions or because of previous ear surgery. We are proud to offer a variety of methods to remove wax from your ears for a more comfortable, less invasive procedure. You don’t have to be a hearing aid user or an existing patient to have your ears cleaned out.