Hearing Aid Trials

By Nicole Pottinger, H.I.S.
Whether you are new to the world of hearing aids or have some experience under your belt, the idea of shopping for hearing aids can bring out emotions such as excitement, stress, happiness, and frustration. Everybody has different experiences with their hearing challenges whether it’s communicating with family members, out at social events, or when interacting with the employees at the local grocery store. Hearing aids tend to be small, so factors such as dexterity and whether to go with disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries come into play as well. There are also cosmetic concerns, such as the style of the hearing aid. Some hearing aids have a piece that sits behind the ear, and some of them have the entire hearing aid inside of the ear canal. How will you know which option will work best for you?

We’ve all had to return a product to a store before the deadline ends after a few weeks because it just didn’t work out. Some of us have taken a new vehicle out for a test drive to see if it suits our needs. Hearing aid trials are available, typically for a couple of weeks, so that you can have a chance to experience their benefits in situations that matter you. You can take the hearing aids home without putting any money down, then you will know that they will work well for you and your lifestyle before committing to them long term.

After the two-week trial, hearing aid companies provide a return period that typically is a month or two long. Some people take more than two-weeks to fully adjust to wearing hearing aids, so this return period will be beneficial for peace of mind. Any concerns or issues can be addressed during follow up appointments. Trialing hearing aids is a great option for anyone wanting to hear their best.