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Key To Success

I hear the same thing every day, a patient who is actually happy with their hearing aid telling me about a neighbor/friend or family member who isn’t happy with theirs. The common connection is that these other people go to clinics that do not offer the time, education or understanding that is imperative for success.

Hearing aids are so much more than electronic devices placed in the ear. They are only a single part of the treatment package that must be provided as a whole. If the process was as simple as a lot of clinics promote then why would so many people be dissatisfied with their devices? When the clinic’s focus is to make money rather then provide service, the level of care goes out the window and people become nothing but cattle moving on a conveyor belt. It is much more important to ensure you are getting the personalized service that not only ensures satisfaction, but the service you deserve. 

The results from the hearing test should be explained in detail so you have an understanding of what is happening with your ears. Simply stating “you have hearing loss and should be wearing hearing aids” isn’t sufficient. That is a sales approach rather than a comprehensive treatment approach. Instead the results should be explained so you know what sounds you hear and what sounds you don’t hear. What can be done about it and what are your options? If there is enough hearing loss then hearing aids should be recommended, but that should only be a part of the process instead of the entire process.

Above all, trust your gut. It never hurts to get a second opinion.