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Support Local

What does local mean?

When you purchase local, you are purchasing from a neighbour. You are purchasing from a professional who you can count on to provide a service who will be accountable and committed to you. They must be committed because you’ll see them at the farmer’s market on Sunday, or at the grocery store while picking up milk on your way home. It doesn’t matter whether that service is purchasing a house, insurance or a hearing aid, you should have the confidence that you will be properly guided in your endeavour. 

When you support chain establishments, not only are you supporting someone you’ll never meet but also, you’re taking business away from your neighbour. This sets off a chain of events. This same neighbour’s lawnmower may break down and be unable to pay for a repair. The grass becomes longer than it should so your other neighbour across the street sells their house for less money. Because of the house value being lowered, the Realtor earns less commission. The lowered commission encourages the agent to shop for deals online instead of supporting other local businesses. This example is extreme but demonstrates the cycle that can be set off when we don’t work together as a community by supporting each other. 

We see it every day when longstanding local stores close and are replaced with another chain offering temporary solutions from temporary employees. Supporting local allows you to know the person you are working with. Please, don’t just do it for me, but do it for our wonderful Village.

John is the proud owner of Newcastle’s original Audiology clinic. Being both Board Certified and Hard of Hearing, he is a well trained and experienced professional to work with hearing loss and hearing aids from both sides of the fence.