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What’s That Ringing in My Ears?

There are over 300,000 Canadians, like you, who experience tinnitus—sound or noise that is heard with no external sound source. Until recently, tinnitus was considered hopeless for the estimated 250 million people worldwide who suffered from it. For most, tinnitus is just a sporadic annoyance; a small buzz or ring in their ears that comes and goes. But for others, the sounds of tinnitus can be deafening. The buzzing, whooshing, and ringing that people with more intense forms of tinnitus suffer from can cause sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety, and depression. Most of these people suffer in silence, not knowing that there is any help for their condition.

Although there is no cure for tinnitus, the effects of tinnitus can be minimized by a combination of counselling and sound stimulation. Examples of sound stimulation include amplified sound from hearing aids, environmental sounds or music.

Many of us use music for relaxation and stress relief without ever thinking about it. In fact, studies have shown that carefully selected music, such as soft and slow-paced music, can improve relaxation and concentration, as well as slow breathing and reduce the heart rate.

Inspired by music research, leading hearing aid manufacturer Widex developed Zen, a unique listening program available in select Widex hearing aids. This revolutionary program offers a choice of harmonic tones, and is clinically proven to reduce stress, improve concentration and provide relief from tinnitus. For tinnitus sufferers, these harmonic tones can be used as a sound therapy tool in an overall tinnitus management treatment program. Studies show that the majority of people suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus for many years before they begin inquiring about the benefits of wearing a hearing aid. Don’t wait, improve your quality of life now. We witness and experience first hand the benefits that proper treatment can provide.

Call Newcastle Hearing Solutions today to schedule a complimentary demonstration of Widex hearing aids with Zen. The Widex Zen program may be the tinnitus solution you’ve been waiting for!