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A new wave?

We have noticed a huge increase to new hearing test bookings stemming from concerns that have popped up over the past year. These are mostly younger working-class professionals who have been experiencing new difficulties as we navigate our new world. They tend to have professions such as teaching, accounting, barbers and financial planning. They work jobs that rely on steady verbal communication that has been recently impeded by PPE (mask wearing, face shields and plexiglass barriers)

Often, we are finding that there is a slight hearing loss to start with – nothing serious or significant on its own, but with the added challenges it can compound and become a bigger issue. It is cases like this where the best options are demonstration hearing aids, where the patient can try wearing a pair of devices in their own environments for a couple weeks to see the impact that can be had for them. It is fitting their “perceived degree of impairment” rather than the sheet of paper with test results listed. Some of these patients decide there is not enough benefit, others are wowed by the degree of improvement and wish to proceed with a prescription and hearing aids.

There are great advantages that can come from a variety of hearing aids, and the exact features can be selected to meet the specific needs of the patient. Our advice is to always explore your options and if you decide to try something, be sure you are not obligated to purchase.