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October 2017 – Q&A

Bruce: I’m not having any trouble with my hearing, is there any point in having a hearing test?

John Thistle BC-HIS: YES!! Everyone should have their hearing tested at least once so they know where things stand, even if there are no indications of having any challenges. Early this summer, a young lady who we’ll call Ms. P came to us to have her hearing tested. Ms. P. was not experiencing any major problems but wanted to have her ears looked over and a hearing test to ensure there weren’t any problems. Everything with the test was completely normal. Several months later we received a phone call looking for an urgent hearing test because she had contracted a virus which not only affected her hearing, but was causing other severe complications with her ear and face. Having had a hearing test only a few months earlier allowed the ENT Specialist to have more concrete information while providing an accurate diagnosis. I am pleased to report that all the symptoms have reversed themselves because of swift action by the ENT Specialist with the correct medication. Had an accurate diagnosis not been provided Ms. P. would likely have suffered from a permanent hearing loss and facial paralysis.

Getting back to the question, yes everyone should have their hearing tested to have a record of where their hearing is. At Newcastle Hearing Solutions, hearing tests are performed at no cost to the patient so there is little excuse not to get a baseline. You never know when that information may come in handy.

John is the proud owner of Newcastle’s original Audiology clinic. Being both Board Certified and Hard of Hearing, he is a well trained and experienced professional to work with hearing loss and hearing aids from both sides of the fence.